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Foundations of Dermal Filler in Aesthetics

The first regularly available hands-on Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Dermal Filler training course in Aberdeen


Diversify your career as a Healthcare Professional with the only regularly available HA Dermal Filler aesthetics course in Aberdeen

We run a comprehensive, high quality hands-on course which covers the fundamentals of using HA Dermal Filler in an aesthetic practice. We take pride in being the first to develop an Aberdeen-based, regularly available course of this kind! The course is aimed at regulated Heathcare Professionals (registered Doctors, Dentists, Dental Technicians, Dental Hygienists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists) and is an ideal introduction to the field if you are considering a career change to aesthetic medicine, or if you want to expand on the services your practice offers. Developing a career in aesthetics requires hard work and dedication, but diversifying your skill set can be rewarding for a variety of reasons:

  • You can truly look after your patients by allocating to them the time they deserve, rather than working within restrictions set by an under-resourced and unders-staffed healthcare system. You may be feeling that you want to ‘care more’ but your hands are tied.

  • Flexibility dictated by yourself, which can lead to a fantastic work-life balance.

  • You can be your own boss or build a team with common aims and values.

  • If you enjoy learning, developing new practical skills and seeing results, this can be a wonderful career. The satisfaction and loyalty of your patients is priceless.

  • You are paid what you deserve, for the amount of dedication you put into training, patient care and follow-up. This is particularly important if you work long, anti-social hours and feel undervalued.

Why are we delivering a Foundations of Filler Course?

Alongside Botulinum injectable treatments, Hyaluronic acid based Fillers represent the core injectable treatments offered by a contemporary aesthetics practice and are the most sought after. We have studied the aesthetics training market for a number of years and realised a void in the regular availability of high quality aesthetics training courses in the North-East of Scotland that Healthcare Professionals can easily access. Combined with our drive to improve safety, professionalism and regulation in the specialty, setting up a regular course based in Aberdeen was a ‘no-brainer’. In addition, we chose not to combine both Botulinum and Dermal Filler training into one course, which by default would result in more superficial understanding of these two rather vast fields.

What does this course cover?

This is a 1-day course and is delivered by experienced Aesthetic Practitioners (Doctors) with Medical and Medical Research backgrounds. The aim is to establish a solid, scientific grounding in the use of HA Dermal Fillers in aesthetics. Dermal Filler procedures can vary in complexity and a robust Aesthetics Practitioner must have a thorough understanding of anatomy, injection techniques, identify complications and have the knowledge and skill to treat them. In addition, we recognise that aspiring Practitioners will need guidance on how to establish a service within the current medicolegal framework. To achieve our aim, the course contains three components:

Built on a robust scientific foundation  Learn key anatomy & HA Dermal Filler science.

Built on a robust scientific foundation Learn key anatomy & HA Dermal Filler science.

  • Theory (3.5hrs)
    Key Aesthetic Principles
    Facial anatomy
    Dermal Filler Fundamentals I - Formulations & physico-chemical properties
    Dermal FIller Fundamentals II - Clinical indications, product selection & patient screening
    Botulinum Aesthetic Treatments & Techniques:
    -Nasolabial lines
    -Marionette lines
    -Perioral lines
    -Introduction to Lip Filler techniques
    Dermal Filler Complications & management:
    -Case based learning
    -The use of Hyaluronidase in vascular occlusion
    Incorporating Dermal Filler Treatments into your Practice - professional and legal considerations

  • Practical (4hrs)

    Practical Demonstration - History taking and Dermal Filler injection techniques of the lower face & Lips - experienced Aesthetic Practitioners (consented Models)
    Participant injection of consented Models - 1 Model per trainee (or 1 Model per 2 trainees max.)
    Note: We only use reputable products on this course from the Juvederm®, Restylane® or Belotero® range of HA Fillers.

  • Consolidation and Support
    Trainee pack containing all theory slides, materials and equipment summary, emergency algorithms (Resus Council UK)
    Aesthetics documentation set/templates: procedure & photography consent form, patient information sheet, aftercare sheet
    Useful contacts (aesthetics insurance, reputable pharmacies & HA Filler manufacturers, professional organisations)
    The course concludes with a brief written assessment
    A printed certificate rewarded on completion (see below for insurance and accreditation)
    Feedback forms - we require this to improve our course

Learn a structured approach to HA Dermal Filler injection  Tips & tricks from experienced Clinicians on how to consistently produce satisfying results and avoid common pitfalls.

Learn a structured approach to HA Dermal Filler injection Tips & tricks from experienced Clinicians on how to consistently produce satisfying results and avoid common pitfalls.

Will my training be recognised by leading aesthetics insurance providers and CPD?

Yes, our course is fully recognised and insured by Cosmetic Insure, a leading aesthetics insurance provider in the UK. This means that your training will be professionally acknowledged when seeking indemnity cover. If you are unsure whether your Healthcare-type profession will be granted indemnity cover, we strongly encourage you to check before you register (we will do the same). The course will also be officially accredited by the CPD accreditation body. Being able to legally provide HA Filler aesthetic services following your training however will depend on the setting you chose to operate from. Independent pracitioners (private clinics) in Scotland must be registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). Please read their guidance carefully.


Do I need to be a Prescriber?

No, you do not. However, you will need to identify a prescriber you can work alongside for you to take full responsiblity of your treatments. On occasion you may need a prescription of antibiotics, steroids or hyaluronidase to treat complications for example and your prescriber may need to perform a face-to-face consultation prior to issuing a prescription of certain drugs. HA Dermal Fillers are not as yet classified as prescription drugs but we hope this changes in the near future for the safety of patients.

Where does the course take place?

We deliver the course at the high-end Village Hotel in Kingswells, Aberdeen. The hotel has excellent conference facilities and delegates will have easy access to parking, all-day refreshments and a buffet lunch. The practical component will take place at our main clinical venue immediately adjacent to the hotel. This is an extremely convenient setup for delegates who would need an overnight stay in Aberdeen for travel arrangements.

What does the course cost?

The full cost of the course is £750 (no added charges), with a 10% discount available if you’ve attended one of our Botulinum courses. The programme is excellent value for money given the comprehensive theoretical content and intensive hands-on practical exposure in the afternoon. Our trainee group size is small with trainee to trainer ratio of 4:1 or 5:1 max.

What if I feel I need more training or supervision before I start offering my HA Dermal Filler services?

That’s not a problem. Recognising the limits of your competency is an important professional attribute. We want to support you throughout your early aesthetics career and we want to produce confident, safe practitioners. There are several ways we can support your training once you’ve officially completed the Foundations of Dermal Filler Course, these compose the remainder of our Professional Filler Services:

1) Clinical Supervision: We can arrange to be present for the entire duration or a part of your clinic. Here we provide a supportive role to the clinic that you lead. This can be extremely valuable, giving you that extra bit of confidence and security. You are free to ask questions and dispel any anxieties. Contact us directly for availability and for a quote. This service is charged on an hourly rate and is generally limited to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. A certificate of supervised practice will be issued for your record.

2) Shadowing: If you’d like to experience one of our clinics as an observer, we can arrange for you to attend on a day when several Dermal Filler procedures are being performed. This is a great experience not only to reinforce your Filler learning, but also allows you to appreciate and reflect on the pracitioner-patient interaction, consultation skills of an experienced Doctor, record-keeping skills and the time management of an aesthetics clinic. You will not be consulting or performing any procedures, but will be have plenty opportunity to ask questions. We will not restrict the variety of the clinic so you may also be exposed to several botulinum toxin procedures. This service is charged on a per clinic basis. Contact us directly for availability and for a quote. A certificate of attendance will be awarded.

3) 1-2-1 Dermal Filler Training: This is an extention to the Foundation Course to allow further, focused training in a purely practical setting. You train at our clinic with patients that have consented to being injected by a newly qualified Practitioner, under our close guidance. Teaching and discussion is integrated into the clinic. This is an excellent option to perfect your technique and boost your confidence prior to establishing your own clinic. We arrange the entire clinic and provide the materials you need. This service is charged on a per patient basis. Contact us directly for availability and for a quote. A certificate of completion will be given with a signed procedure log.

Contact us now if you have any queries relating to our course or professional services, otherwise register your place and start your journey!




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