Our bespoke skincare service - this November!

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We want to provide a holistic service that goes hand-in-hand with our range of injectable treatments. Your consultation will now not only include advice on skincare and sun protection, but we can make specific recommendations and will have access to all the top brands like Neostrata®, Heliocare® and more.

We recommend that you always invest in a high quality daily facial cleanser and a suitable moisturiser based on your skin type. This goes to men too. We can help you select from a huge range of products (can be confusing!).

Skin injury from ultraviolet (UV) light also accelerates skin ‘aging’, beyond the well recognised cancer risk associated with prolonged exposure. We’re used to applying sun block only when on holiday in the ‘heat’, but UV exposure is all year round…hmmm…

Support your skin and it will support you; neglect it at your peril!

Best wishes,

Hourglass Aesthetics

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